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We are a full-service commercial real estate firm with an unwavering commitment to our clients and customers' success. We rely on our expertise and experience to generate attractive returns for our investors.


A thematic approach to investing emphasizes high-quality assets and focuses on regions where economic and demographic trends indicate stable growth potential.
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Through our 45 years of experience, our relationships are strong and serve as a foundation for our business. Nyla Group is known for its long-term vision and ownership, investment sales and leasing, and exceptional property management. With a team of qualified and experienced managers, we are able to turn properties into highly profitable assets. We are fully integrated with in-house professionals to handle all aspects of real estate transactions.

Our Team

As a result of our broad portfolio, we have a unique perspective across asset classes and markets, while our significant discretionary capital base allows us to execute large and complex transactions.
Amber Thomsen 
CEO | Property Management
"I love that Nyla Group is local at its roots, giving us a unique experience with each of our clients, customers, and tenants."
e: amber@nylagroup.com
o: 920.850.1604
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Ted Thomsen
Managing Broker
"I enjoy identifying, evaluating, and maximizing assets for our investors. We aim to exceed our client's and customers' real estate objectives. We focus on quality over quantity, as that has always been Nyla's approach."

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Tommy Thomsen 
Vice President of Sales and Leasing
"One of the most exciting strengths of our business is the scope of what we can do across all asset classes and geographies, given our people, scale, and experience."
e: thomas@nylagroup.com 
o: 920.212.700